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Fire insulation clothing

Fire insulation clothing

Also called thermal protective clothing, it is an important personal protective equipment. It refers to protective clothing that can prevent itself from being ignited, flaming and smoldering after contact with flames and hot objects, and protect the human body from various injuries. It is divided into petroleum and chemical industries. , Metallurgy, glass and other industries protective clothing for work in front of high-temperature furnaces and fire-fighting clothing for firefighting and forest firefighting.

Product Details

Fire-fighting insulation clothing, also known as thermal protective clothing, is an important personal protective equipment, which refers to the protection of the human body from various injuries after the human body is in contact with flames and high-temperature objects. protective suit. It is divided into protective clothing for high temperature furnace operation in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, glass and other industries and fire protection clothing for fire protection and forest fire protection.

Thermal insulation performance:

Our fire-fighting thermal insulation clothing has good performance in slowing down and preventing heat transfer, which can effectively prevent the heat source from harming the human body, and provide good safety protection for users of thermal protective clothing working in high-temperature environments.

Practical performance:

In addition to thermal protection, our thermal insulation clothing also has good practical performance and wearing comfort, such as a certain tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance. It has high dye fastness, washing resistance, and certain heat and moisture transfer ability, which is beneficial to the loss of human body heat and the evaporation of sweat, and the physiological load is low.

Wearing comfort performance:

Our thermal insulation clothing is light in weight, easy to wear, and loose in structure. It does not restrict running, climbing, jumping and other actions, and is not easy to cause hooking. Strengthened protection measures are taken in the parts that are easily injured to meet coordination and comfort. Sexual requirements have increased work efficiency.

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