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Fire fighting suit

Fire fighting suit

Fire fighting clothing is also known as firefighter protective clothing. Fire fighting clothing mainly includes: firefighter protective clothing, firefighter thermal insulation protective clothing, fire fighting thermal insulation clothing, fire protection clothing, fire fighting clothing, firefighter fire fighting clothing and so on. According to different occasions, firefighters choose different firefighting clothes.

Product Details

Fire fighting clothing, also known as firefighter protective clothing, mainly includes: firefighter protective clothing, firefighter insulation protective clothing, firefighter fire fighting clothing, etc. Choose different fire fighting suits according to different occasions.

The structure of fire-fighting clothing: It is composed of outer layer, heat insulation layer, comfort layer and other multi-layer fabrics. The material of this combination part can be made into single layer or multiple layers. The outer layer is made of metal aluminum foil surface material with radiant heat, which can meet the technical requirements of basic clothing production and the performance requirements of the corresponding auxiliary material standards.

How to use: The fire fighting clothes are divided into tops and lower trousers. First put on the trousers, then put on the fireproof boots, close the zipper, put the trouser tube on the boot tube, and tie the trousers tightly.

Precautions for the use of fire fighting clothing:

1. Protective clothing worn by crossing fire areas or entering flame areas and other dangerous places in a short period of time to save people, rescue valuable materials, and close combustible gas valves. When performing firefighting tasks, firefighters must use water cannons and high-pressure water cannons for long-term protection. No matter how good the fireproof material is, it will burn in the flame for a long time.

2. Before use, you must pass the certification to check whether it is in good condition and whether there is any damage.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use it in places subject to chemical and radioactive damage.

4. Air breathing apparatus and communication equipment must be worn to ensure the normal breathing of the user under high temperature conditions and to get in touch with the commander.


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