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  • Fire suit 3c

    Fire suit 3c

    It refers to one of the important equipment to protect the personal safety of firefighters on the front line o

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  • Fire fighting suit

    Fire fighting suit

    Fire fighting clothing is also known as firefighter protective clothing. Fire fighting clothing mainly include

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  • Fire insulation clothing

    Fire insulation clothing

    Also called thermal protective clothing, it is an important personal protective equipment. It refers to protec

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  • Unified helmet

    Unified helmet

    Helmet material: imported PC/EPS, high temperature resistant helmet, easy to wear, shell made of reinforced po

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  • 97 fire helmet

    97 fire helmet

    Our 97 fire helmet is composed of helmet shell, face shield, shawl, buffer layer and other parts. It has a hal

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  • 97 fire gloves

    97 fire gloves

    Also known as high temperature resistant gloves and high voltage insulating gloves, they are designed for fire

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  • T16 universal fire rescue rope

    T16 universal fire rescue rope

    Our T16 universal fire rescue rope is an auxiliary rope connected to the safety belt. It is woven with nylon f

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  • Fire protection gas mask

    Fire protection gas mask

    Fire gas mask is a kind of personal protective equipment, used to provide effective protection to personnel's

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  • Fire Ladder

    Fire Ladder

    Our fire-fighting ladder is a portable tool for climbing. It is characterized by small size, light weight, and

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  • Fire headgear

    Fire headgear

    3c fire headgear is a protective headgear used by firefighters to extinguish fires. It is a protective equipme

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  • Goggles


    It is a kind of filter that can change the transmitted light intensity and spectrum. The most effective and co

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  • TZL30 filter self-rescue respirator

    TZL30 filter self-rescue respirator

    Also known as escape respirator or fire escape air respirator, it effectively protects the human body from car

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