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Components of a fire helmet


The fire helmet is a helmet with a half helmet design, and it is also a head protection product for firefighters. It has the function of preventing the impact, corrosion, insulation and reflection of sharp objects. In addition, the helmet can be used with air respirators, wireless communication systems, reflective signs and light sources. , To further enhance the role of fire helmets.

So, what are the components of a fire helmet and what are its functions?

1. Cap shell

Generally, engineering plastic injection molding is used, and its strength can directly block the impact of sharp objects, thereby preventing sharp objects from hitting through the cap shell and directly contacting the head.

2. Chaoto& buffer layer

It has the advantages of suitable shape, no displacement, comfortable wearing, shock absorption, etc. When the impactor impacts the head, it can reduce the impact effect and protect the safety of the head.

3. Hat hoop

Allows users to flexibly adjust the size, and the part that touches the forehead has the function of breathable and sweat-absorbing.

4. Shawl

Removable, made of flame-retardant and waterproof fiber fabric, can be used to protect the neck and sides of firefighters from water and other liquids or radiant heat.

5. Jaw belt

The length can be adjusted flexibly and conveniently, making the fire helmet more firm and comfortable to wear and easy to release.

6. Face mask

It is made of colorless or light-colored transparent engineering plastics with good light transmittance, which can protect the faces of firefighters from radiant heat and splashes.

Fire helmets are essential labor protection equipment for firefighters in their operations, so it is very important to choose a suitable and good fire helmet.