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Learn about fire safety ropes


Fire-fighting lifeline is a personal protective equipment to prevent falling of workers at height or to hang workers safely after falling. At home or in other public places, if people are trapped by the fire and cannot escape in the event of a fire or other accidents, they can use emergency escape ropes to escape in time.

The characteristics of fire safety rope

Fireproof material, the standard is 18 meters (can be determined according to the specific situation), suitable for self-rescue use in multi-storey buildings with 6 floors or less (including 6 floors). Use special flame-retardant materials.

How to use fire escape rope

1. Knot one end of the rope and link it to the spring buckle.

2. Fold one end of the rope connecting the spring buckle in half.

3. Pass the fold of the rope through the U-shaped ring.

4. Pass one end of the spring buckle through the fold of the rope.

5. Stretch one end of the rope passing through the half-fold.

6. After tightening, the knot is correct as shown.

7. Put the seat belt on the underarm area and tighten it.

8. Connect the stainless steel ring of the seat belt to the U-shaped ring of the rope.

9. Fix the end with the spring buckle in a firm place.

10. Please tighten the escape rope, and the seat belt can move slowly when pulling, it is correct.

11. Please throw the other end of the escape rope out of the window in the form of a parabola.

12. Demonstration of escape action: When descending, you need to gently hold the escape rope and slowly descend, hold the escape rope firmly to stop the descent, and do not completely loosen the escape rope during the descending process.