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The characteristics of fire safety rope


Fire rescue rope is a rope tool that can be used for self-rescue, rescue, or transfer of property in a fire, and it is fire-retardant. The escape rope has a buckle and an insurance card lock at one end, and the tensile strength meets the national standard. The length of the lifeline is selected according to the situation on the floor where the user is located. It is widely used in multi-storey buildings and has strong practicability. Although escape ropes play a great role in fires, in fact, many citizens cannot use them in emergency situations.

The characteristics of fire rescue rope:

1. Simple operation, more suitable for emergency escape. Because it is easy to use, you only need to choose a fixed point to fix the safety hook, and you can escape directly by wearing the safety belt, and you can use it skillfully even in emergency situations. Because there are many escape devices on the market that are too cumbersome to operate, people's brains are in a highly stressed state in an emergency, and those escape devices that are troublesome to operate do not know how to use them. Time is life, thus delaying the best chance of escape.

2. It can be reused to provide escape opportunities for more people. After an escapee has landed safely, another escapee can pull up the other end of the rope (hung with a safety ring) and hang it on a firm fixed point. Throw the end that was originally hung on the fixed point downstairs, and then put on the seat belt to escape. Some escape devices on the market can allow escaped personnel to safely land on the ground for the first time. In addition, the operation of escape personnel is troublesome when used again, time-consuming and laborious, which delays the chance of escape.

3. The rope has a flame-retardant built-in aviation steel wire. The rope is particularly flame-retardant, and the built-in 3 mm aviation steel wire adds double protection for safe escape.

4. The price is affordable and everyone can afford it. Some escape devices on the market cost hundreds, thousands, or thousands of yuan, which is unbearable for ordinary families. Because the design and production of the escape rope is done by the company itself, it reduces a lot of costs and is much cheaper than other escape equipment on the market, making it acceptable to every family.