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Introduction of firefighter protective headgear


Firefighter protective headgear (flame-retardant headgear) is mainly used to protect the head, side and neck during firefighting operations, from fire or high temperature burns. It meets the requirements of GA869-2010 "Firefighter's Protective Headgear for Fire Fighters", and can provide test reports and 3C certificates. It is made of essential flame-retardant materials such as aramid. It has excellent fire and flame retardant properties, and will not continue to burn in case of open flames. Its large elasticity and good softness make the product easy to wear, comfortable and excellent in function. The humanized design can effectively protect the wearer's entire head safety, and is mainly used in the fields of fire protection, steel, petroleum, and chemical industries.

Technical characteristics

1. Flame retardant performance: warp damage length is 7mm, weft damage length is 5mm, continuous burning time is 0s, no melting or dripping phenomenon.

2. After the 260℃ thermal stability test, the dimensional change rate along the warp and weft directions is 2%, and the sample surface has no obvious changes such as discoloration, melting and dripping.

3. The anti-pilling grade of the fabric is level 3, no formaldehyde content is detected, the PH value is 6.72, the seam strength is 1213N, and the size change rate of the face opening is 2%.

4. The washing size change rate is 3.4% in the vertical direction and 2.9% in the horizontal direction.