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Introduction of fire suit 3c


Fire suit 3c is one of the important equipment to ensure the personal safety of firefighters active in the front line of firefighting. It is not only an indispensable necessity at the fire rescue site, but also a fire fighting appliance to protect firefighters from injury. Therefore, fire-fighting clothing suitable for rescue activities at the fire scene is particularly important. Fire-fighting clothing should be composed of multiple layers of materials such as an outer layer, a waterproof and breathable layer, a heat insulation layer, and a comfort layer.

Fire suit 3c must have the following characteristics:

① From the perspective of protection, it must have fire resistance, heat resistance and heat insulation properties, as well as the strength and toughness to prevent the impact and collision of sharp objects. In addition, it should be able to prevent chemical substances from damaging the skin; ②Adapt to changes in the external environment such as cold and warm, wind and rain, and be able to maintain physical strength and vigorous energy;

③From the perspective of operating efficiency, fire-fighting clothing should have space for movement during operation, try to choose materials with good expansion properties, and carefully study the texture, shape and structure of clothing materials.

④Considering from the perspective of army safety management and overall planning, effective communication between superiors and superiors should be ensured to ensure that firefighting suits play their due role.

Fire-fighting clothing 3C certification requirements for flame retardancy

1. After 25 times of washing, the damage length of the outer layer, insulation layer, comfort layer material, reflective marking belt, knee, elbow, shoulder and other outer layer reinforcement materials, and life-saving towing materials shall not exceed 100mm, and the burning time No more than 2 seconds, there should be no melting or dripping.

2. The protective wristbands, cloth labels, badges, rings, adhesives, zipper base fabrics, sewing threads, and pocket materials that are fixed on the outside of the fire fighting clothing shall not burn for more than 2S after 25 times of washing, and there shall be no melting or dripping. Falling phenomenon.