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Performance characteristics of fire helmets


The fire helmet is composed of helmet shell, face shield, shawl, buffer layer and other parts. It is designed as a half helmet and has a novel shape. It has the characteristics of anti-collision, anti-corrosion, anti-heat radiation, reflection, insulation, and portability. The helmet can be worn with air breathing apparatus and wireless communication system, and has obvious reflective signs.

Performance characteristics of fire helmets

◆ It has excellent anti-collision performance, especially in the case of falling objects from high altitude. From the shell to the wearer’s head, there are a total of 4 high-strength shells, high-density foam, wide-width cushioning cross belts and hat hoop I and force buffer nets and hat hoop II, a total of 2 levels of shock absorption structure, the impact strength and the skull The local impact is minimized.

◆ The shell is made of flame-retardant reinforced polyamide fiber, the cap ring is made of plastic steel to support the shell, the face screen is made of high temperature resistant PC composite material, and the shawl is made of protective clothing fabric with anti-heat radiation coating. The double-layer structure has excellent high temperature resistance.

◆ When the head is fixed on the rim of the hat, the space between each part of the skull and the helmet shell is kept above 3cm, and a comfortable elastic buffer layer is added inside the rim to ensure that accidental impact will not cause direct force on any part of the skull.

◆ The internal and external multi-level adjustment is closely integrated with the wearer's head, the weight is reasonable, the center of gravity is stable, the tightness of the brim is controlled by the external thread at the back of the cap body, and it can be adjusted at will without taking off the helmet to adapt to the various Chinese Head type.

◆ It is comfortable to wear, because the top of the head adopts a uniform net, multi-level adjustment hat ring, the contact part of the hat ring with the mandibular belt and the skin is made of soft and high-quality lightweight sheepskin material, which can absorb sweat and breathe, and fit comfortably, while the chin strap is flame-retardant Non-cotton belt, soft and quick-drying, it will not cause skin allergies in a long-term hot and humid state.